February 25th, 2013


The conference ‘Migration and Demographic Challenges in the Nordic-Baltic Region’

The conference ‘Migration and Demographic Challenges in the Nordic-Baltic Region’
which is to be held on 7 & 8 March 2013 at KUMU art museum in Tallinn, Estonia.
Free movement of people is one of the fundamental rights of the European Union. It gives people the freedom to
study, work, establish a family, foster their skills and broaden their horizons in other countries.
Migration and the movement of labour are contributing to the development of and cooperation between the Nordic
countries and the Baltic States. Studies have also shown that the population in the region is rapidly aging, while the
Baltic States also have to contend with the widespread emigration of working-age people. This is the result of the
1980s generation reaching an age at which they are seeking to migrate, the different levels of well-being between
countries in the region and the more profound effect of the financial crisis on the Baltic States compared to the
Nordic countries. As such, immigration from the European Union and other countries is a reality that the Nordic
countries have to adjust to.
The ‘Migration and Demographic Challenges in the Nordic-Baltic Region’ conference is designed to bring togetherthe results of a number of studies into migration and movement of labour in the Nordic countries and Baltic States.
Researchers and experts will be coming to Tallinn to present and interpret key results from the latest studies in order
to shape a common understanding and policy in the region in regard to migration.
Opening the conference, among other speakers, will be Estonian Minister of Social Affairs Taavi Rõivas.
More detailed information about the conference, including its programme and registration, is available online at
www.norden.ee. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required by 1 March.
For further information please contact: Madis Kanarbik Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia
Telephone: +372 742 3625 E-mail: madis.kanarbik@norden.ee
Conference practicalities: Siim Kumpas  La Pub Conferences Telephone: +372 740 2440 or +372 505 0707
E-mail: siim@lapub.ee


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